Saturday, 26 July 2014

Scrap the Boys July Challenge - Boys and their Toys!!

Wow if ever there was a challenge with my name on it this is the one. With four boys, five if you include the hubby....BOYS and Their Toys invade this house. With all things that go BRRRRROOOOM.

Between match box cars, quad bikes, trail bikes and road bikes.  This girl is getting use to the fact that its a BOY THING LOL

So here is my entry for the challenge and it may surprise you which of my boys is playing with the toys!!!

I have a running joke in my house that my hubby makes up two children and now even YOU can see why!!!! Oh the joys......

Scrappy Canary July Cyber Crop - Challenge Number 3 - Laurens Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

This layout I creating. I had so much fun and it truly took me out of my 'normal' scrapping zone. Thank you Lauren.

What inspired me well a few things, firstly I would have to say GELATOOOOOOSSSSSSSSS. Wow who knew something so simple could be so fun. I actually had never, ever used them before and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

First I drew with Gelatos all over the cardstock, spritzed it with water, embossed it, distressed inked and then glimmer misted away LOL. Yep embraced the challenge with both hands!

Along the way I also found a how cute the twine looked tied into a little knot and it added to the nautical theme of my layout perfectly.

So after all that here is my layout.

This was the process along the way LOVED the effect it gave.

So after all the fun I had...there must be something in that...because I am very excited to announce I won this challenge(insert scrappy happy dance). Thank you so very much girls xxx

Scrappy Canary July Cyber Crop - Challenge Number 4 TIC TAC TOE Challenge by Linda.

Now finally my last entry for the cyber crop. Sadly I didn't get to finish them all like I had hoped BUT am pleased with what I did achieve. Next time maybe.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the challenge possible and a big shout out to Ruth Bonser, Carol Fry and Manda. I enjoyed every minute of it and loved sharing ideas and looking at every ones layouts.

So here we have my layout by interpretation of Linda's Challenge. TIC, TAC, TOE.

Frame, Mist, Twine.

I look forward to the next challenge girls...SEE you there!!! Congratulations to all the winners and to EVERYONE that entered and shared their layouts. Such incredible talent out their and it was really inspiring to see each individual take on the challenges...I think its safe to say that we all learnt a lot from each others work. :)

Scrappy Canary July Cyber Crop - Challenge 2 Color Challenge by Kate.

With Kates Color challenge and with WA  in the midst of Winter, Summer a distant memory. It was lovely to be taken back to day of Summer Time fun which seems oh so long ago but so very special.

I enjoyed creating this layout and I dared myself to journal in my own handwriting on my actual layout.....I enjoyed this process and I love the personal touch it gives to a layout as well.

So here is my interpretation of the color challenge and I am very proud to say, the photo was inspired by my at the time 8 year old son who took the photo...his very first time behind the camera. A budding photographer in the making maybe??

Scrappy Canary July Crop Challenge number 1 - Sketch Challenge by Manda.

While I absolutely adore all the beautiful embellishments, paper ranges and all that the world of scrapping have to offer. I have to admit I am a online shopper and one of my favourite places to shop is Scrappy Canary (Formerly Polly Kits).

I love receiving my happy mail every release and am proud to say I have been a happy shopper for a very long time. But what good are all these beautiful kits if they are just going to sit on a shelf. So what better way to team my beautiful kits but with a Cyber Crop with Scrappy Canary WHOO HOO.

I love the inspiration that each new challenge brought and the girls in the VIP group are AMAZING and so incredibly talented ALL of them and so supportive and it has become like one little tight knit family.

The first challenge was a sketch challenge inspired by Manda.

This was my interpretation.

I enjoyed playing with this sketch and would like to thank Manda for her sketch challenge.

Even though the cyber crop is over now, I thought I would share my entries after all this is what our blogs are for LOL

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dlish Challenge #7 by Wendy. Color Palette.

Blue, yellow and white. Of course I can play with these colors and play is what I did.

I suffer severely from not knowing when to step away from the layout syndrome. But I tried to keep this one simplistic and let the colors speak for themselves and I think I succeeded. Well at least I hope I did.

Thank you for the challenge Wendy and I hope you like it.

Dlish Challenge #4 by Angus.

Wow with four boys in the house this one definitely had me thinking as this color combo is usually very much out of my comfort zone.

So in the end I played with the colors and tweaked it till I came up with my own interpretation.

I love the end results when a mood board is set each individual scrapper comes up with something so unique and in the end I was happy with the result.

Especially the title as this is a song that I sang frequently to my boys as babies and I finally got to use it somewhere amidst my scrapping journey.

Thankyou Angus for the journey.

Challenge #2 Delish - Sketch Challenge by Kylie.

I had a lot of fun playing with this one, Not by nature a paint, mist type of girl. I pulled out my Mr Hueys, my distress ink and also some watered down paint and had a ball. I also used something I have never used on a layout before plastic buttons WHO KNEW they could be so effective.

I love the combination in this one of the black and the green and also the simplicity but effectiveness of this sketch.

THANK YOU so much Kylie for such a wonderful sketch.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Dlish Scraps Challenge #1 Scraplift by Tarrah.

Nothing sparks my scrapping creativity more then challenges and what could be better then a whole series of them. So with D'lish Scraps 5th birthday came much excitement with spot sales, and challenges galore so a big WHOO HOO here and here is my first challenge complete.

Challenge #1

I always love what these challenges bring allowing the scrapper to step out of their comfort zone but at the same time remaining true to their own unique style. My new element within my layout for me is handwritten journaling directly on the page.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sketchabilities sketch # 115.

This month for me was all about learning and playing with new techniques. While I have played with ink, paint etc in the past this one for me was definitely ALOT of fun and what a great sketch.
So here is my entry for May #115!

Scrap the Boys May Challenge

With a house full of boys. Scrap the boys is perfect for me, with five boys in the house including the hubby you can safely say scrapping boy layouts is something I have got use to. The theme for this month was grunge and I had a lot of fun playing.

So here is my layout for Scrap the Boys May theme GRUNGE!!!!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Stuck Sketches - May challenge!

HMMM so this challenge I loved the sketch so I thought I am so going to play with this one. Which I did and I loved lots of fiddly bits in this one and teensy tiny, itty bitty elements(the pinwheel and the teeny tiny alphas) and I must say I almost had a Scrappers hissy fit BUT with some perseverance, some deep breathes and at times some walking away from the table. I am Happy to report that I was happy with the end result.

Its funny how the little things like teensy tiny alpha stickers that wont stick or you can't line up in a straight line or a mere Pinwheel to nearly tip you over the edge LOL

Frustrations aside I present to my interpretation of the May challenge by Stuck for Sketches.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Molossi Mood Board Challenge for May.

Being out of the scrappers loop for a while, I have only just found the wonderful world of Molossi and I am a little bit giddy with what I saw in your products available.

With new found mojo a friend who I affectionately have named in the past the Enabler, introduced me to the Molossi challenge and in turn to Molossi.

I have to admit having never attempted a mood board challenge, and only just finding my Mojo after it has been MIA for a very long time, I was a little overwhelmed. BUT, all that changed when I realised the endless possibilities such a challenge presents.

Firstly there was no sketch, and the mood board was whatever the individual scrapper took from it as inspiration, so it was there for the taking to make it my own and once I realised this the possibilities were indeed endless and so began my own personal only a scrapper can understand.

So here we have my entry for the Molossi Mood Board Challenge for May!!

Purple Pumpkin May Challenge.

Dear Mojo.

Where ever you have been hiding THANK YOU for FINALLY making a safe and active return.

Your sincerely a now enthusiastic scrapper YAYYYYYYYYY.

It is May the 3rd and I am proud to say I am happily creating and on to my second layout for the month...that's TWO in three days.

My scrapping style at the moment I would to define as 'going with the flow'. Setting out with no real plan and just going with where ever the page takes me. As I have already mentioned in my previous blog post, its been a very slow scrapping year but with increased mojo I found my self waiting for the month to tick over so I could see what new online sketches lay in stall.

So eagerly I awaited and my patience was rewarded with an array of challenges to chose from.

Purple Pumpkin May Challenge.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Scrap the Boys April Challenge

April Challenge for Scrap the Boys use flowers on a boy layout.

In a house FULL of boys I have become quite accustomed to using your typical 'boy' colors on my layouts. The Scrap the Boys Challenge use flowers on a boys layout prompted me to go one step further and use colors I normally wouldn't use on my layouts. So here we have a layout not only with flowers on it but also the color purple which you will seldom see on any of my boy layouts. But I am sure you will all agree it still gives off a grungy boy look.

I hope you enjoy my layout as much as I did creating it. My mojo has been in hibernation and I enjoyed the challenge.

Purple Pumpkin Sketch for April 2014

Well after a very slow, scrapping year(none for over a year to be exact), I am back at it FINALLY!!! My mojo was well and truly MIA what did it take for it to return a new office and scrapping space YAYYYYYYY.

So for my first creation I had to move towards one of my fav sketch comps. Guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. None other then Purple Pumpkin my go to when my creative energy is lacking or in this case NON EXISTENT.

So here we are with my Sketch entry for April.