Monday, 29 October 2012

Purple Pumpkin October Sketch.

So its been a while since I have truly busted into my Purple Pumpkin stash and what better time when my button jar is now over flowing. I must admit I did struggle with this one just a little bit but after a few uh oh moments I am mostly happy with the end result.

As most of my scrapping friends, (well actually my friends in general) I dont do well with GREEN at all BUT I really like a kit that I got so I wanted to use it. So here you have it a layout with the G word LOL.

So this brings me to my  entry for the Purple Pumpkin October Sketch Competition.

Purple Pumpkin Cloud button, Heart button, Cogs and my favourtie the care bear bottle cap.
Details of the competion can be found here

You have until the 31st so get your entries in.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

OK so lately I have been going through my photos trying to figure out what to scrap and this photo brings speciall memories for me of a day spent with my youngest two sons in our backyard pool. My youngest at the time (just 5 months old) was experiencing his fist EVER swim and in general it was just a all round happy memory. SO it became an obvious choice to scrap.

the thing I love about kids is you can take the simple things AKA just add water and create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Sawyers Place Green and Blue Zig Zag Washi, Green pin stripe washi, Bo Bunny paper.
OK so the weekend is over ALREADY, it seems to go sooooooo quickly. While the weekdays seem to drag. But, it hasn't gone by without some creation. The layout I am about to show  you was definately a work in progress, and lots and lots of fiddly bits(fiddly to a point where I nearly did a scrappers dummy spit) BUT, that was my idea I wanted to create a unique something with a photo of my oldest son, the photo while it wasnt the greatest, it had a little something about it that just captures him to a tea. SO I thought why not lets see what I can come up with.

I am very proud of this one as it turned out almost exaclty how I envisioned. Unlike some of my layouts in the past.

 The closed chest awaiting a very cautious suprise.


And  open chest and what do we find yep a WILD CHILD!!!
Sawyers Place Washi. Jungle print, paw print, Airmail grey stripe, Airmail word, Caution tape. MME wood grain paper.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well the weekend is fast approaching once this week went quick. So I thought before the weekend arrives I would do another share of what I created only yesterday. I do tend to dabble in girlie layouts occasionally but I must say BOY layouts are my fav. This is a third layout for my Guest DT with Sawyers place....WHOO HOO.  I am on  a roll and loving it I must say it is soo much easier creating when you are playing with a product you love.....and I am slowly becoming a washi addict. I love the versatility of washi, whether it be using it in place of patterened paper, as embelishment, or framing the perfect photo..............its uses are endless and I am quickly finding out more and more ways of using it.

Sawyers place can be found at

So here is my layout with a touch of whismy thrown in there.

Sawyers Place Washi tape Green Pin stripe& Sawyers Place Caution Washi. MME Wood grain paper, Halo pebble.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I think sometimes as scrappers we get stuck in a particular way of scrapping or  trend and sometimes its nice to step out of the box and create something we wouldnt normally set out to create. So this time I set myself a challenge

1. Do a girlie layout.
2. Keep it simple.
3. Make it different.
4. Use no pattern paper only Sawyers Place Washi tape.

And this is what I came up with.

                                                             Sawyers Place Bianca Washi, Sawyers Place Viola Exclusive
                                                                            Purple Pumpkin heart button, Lil Something pin

Monday, 8 October 2012

OK this month has been most exciting indeed. The school holidays means I have more time to scrap...not quite sure how that works but it seems to be proving true to all the mummys in my local scrap group.

But it seems to be a good thing because imagine my suprise when I open a email to find that my application to a Guest DT member has been accepted, WHO HOO and to make it even better it is to Sawyers Place one of my most favourie go to products in my WHOLE scrapping collection.

For those of you who don't know Sawyers Place do washi tape...yep that right I said washi tape. So as a washi tape addict I am so excited.

Sawyers place can be found on face book at!/ there is a website too but it is currently being redesigned with NEW washi tapke install for all of us. BUT if you want you can't wait that long and I totally understand dont despair.

You can find Sawyers place washi tape on ebay

Sawyers Place Large Floral Washi Tape, Halo Tyre, 7 Gypsie gear.