Sunday, 21 October 2012

OK so the weekend is over ALREADY, it seems to go sooooooo quickly. While the weekdays seem to drag. But, it hasn't gone by without some creation. The layout I am about to show  you was definately a work in progress, and lots and lots of fiddly bits(fiddly to a point where I nearly did a scrappers dummy spit) BUT, that was my idea I wanted to create a unique something with a photo of my oldest son, the photo while it wasnt the greatest, it had a little something about it that just captures him to a tea. SO I thought why not lets see what I can come up with.

I am very proud of this one as it turned out almost exaclty how I envisioned. Unlike some of my layouts in the past.

 The closed chest awaiting a very cautious suprise.


And  open chest and what do we find yep a WILD CHILD!!!
Sawyers Place Washi. Jungle print, paw print, Airmail grey stripe, Airmail word, Caution tape. MME wood grain paper.

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