Monday, 8 October 2012

OK this month has been most exciting indeed. The school holidays means I have more time to scrap...not quite sure how that works but it seems to be proving true to all the mummys in my local scrap group.

But it seems to be a good thing because imagine my suprise when I open a email to find that my application to a Guest DT member has been accepted, WHO HOO and to make it even better it is to Sawyers Place one of my most favourie go to products in my WHOLE scrapping collection.

For those of you who don't know Sawyers Place do washi tape...yep that right I said washi tape. So as a washi tape addict I am so excited.

Sawyers place can be found on face book at!/ there is a website too but it is currently being redesigned with NEW washi tapke install for all of us. BUT if you want you can't wait that long and I totally understand dont despair.

You can find Sawyers place washi tape on ebay

Sawyers Place Large Floral Washi Tape, Halo Tyre, 7 Gypsie gear.

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