Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Purple Pumpkin December Sketch Comp!!

Wow can you belive it is is now five day until the guy in the red suit arrives AHHHHH where did the time go. Frantically preparing in this house hold SO disorganized this year normally have it all done months in advance but,with five days to go I STILL have shopping to do ahhhhhhhhhh.

But, not brave enough to face the shops just yet but, I will LOL

Anyhow before all the craziness over comes me I thought I would post my entry for Purple Pumpkin December Sketch beofre I forget ALLLLLLLLL about it.

Purple Pumpkin star button, bmx bottle cap, red vinyl cogs. Sawyers Place top gear epoxy dot, epoxy topgear sticker, robot washi, race check wash, cog washi, tyre track washi.